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Natural Language Processing
Sakhr realized at a very early stage that the current rush towards globalization means - from an information perspective -  breaking the language barriers, i.e. the necessity to work multilingually with a high degree of linguistic transparency. 


In 1985 Sakhr Software Company launched a multi-phase, large-scale research project for automatic processing of written Arabic. The Company mobilized massive human, material and financial resources to achieve this ambitious goal, which took more than ten years to be accomplished.

Arabic Core Linguistic Engines
The Core Linguistic Engines address the following four language levels:
  1. Character Level:
    Arabic Optical Character Recognition (A-OCR):
    Since 1993, Sakhr has been developing the technology of automatic recognition of printed Arabic text known as OCR. Although Sakhr has been targeting the Arab market, Sakhr realized from the very beginning the importance of developing a bilingual OCR for Arabic/English text.
    The program is able to learn characters shapes, which can be used to improve the recognition accuracy to its maximum. No other Arabic OCR system has this unique feature of combining both recognition technologies. After establishing its leadership in the field of Arabic/English printed text recognition, Sakhr internationalized its OCR system by supporting more languages. Sakhr has released a Persian version of its product for an Iranian distributor. Special versions for Arabic script languages, such as Urdu and Jawi can be developed based on the same technology. In addition to the support of Arabic-like languages, Sakhr now supports all the 16 European languages.
  1. Word Level:
    Multi-Mode Morphological Processor (MMMP):
    Sakhr's MMMP is a morphological analyzer-synthesizer of Arabic. The analyzer identifies
    all possible stem forms of a word, i.e. extracting its basic form stripped from affixes.
    Unlike the English Stemmer, the MMMP analyzer does not stop at the stem level but proceeds to extract the root and the Morphological Pattern (MP) of the word.
    Decomposing Arabic words into their morphological primitives is a basic requirement for
    full text indexing, search, dictionary organization and look up, as well as for spelling and grammatical checking. Even more important, the MMMP enables deeper processing of Arabic at the syntax and semantic levels. The MMMP synthesizer works in a reverse mode to generate linguistically-correct final word forms. The synthesizer is a key tool for generating the required output in machine translation systems and other text generation applications, such as summarizers and style checkers.
  1. Sentence Level:
    a) Multi-Mode Syntactical Processor (MMSP):
    The Sakhr MMSP parses the Arabic sentence into its syntactical constituents: (verb, subject, object, adverbs, predicate, etc...). MMSP is driven by a formal grammar of Arabic with extensive linguistic and lexical coverage, it integrates a set of advanced deterministic and preferential parsing techniques. Its major power lies in its ability to resolve the inter-mixed ambiguities involved within non-vowelized Arabic text. This ability is a major factor for successful in-depth processing of text for translation, summarization, automatic understanding, and content analysis.

    b) Arabic Automatic Diacritizer (AAD)
    The AAD is a technology breakthrough, which solved the basic problem of handling the unvowelized Arabic text automatically. It is an intelligent processor based on the MMMS. It simulates the mental process exercised by Arabic native speakers in interpreting undiacritized text and substituting missing vowels. The Automatic Diacritizer provides different options for diacritization: full, mandatory, or case ending diacritics. The AAD is the entry point for rendering written Arabic text suitable for serious computation.

Continuous Text Level:
a) Arabic Text Fragmenter (ATF)

Sakhr's ATF automatically divides the continuous text into separate sentences. It is a basic front-end processor, which prepares narratives for sentence-based processors such as parsers and for machine translation.

b) Arabic Automatic Indexer (AAI)
Sakhr's AAI automatically examines the content of a document to identify key words and phrases. For the first time, the Arabic automatic indexer enables the creation of book indices with an ease never done before seen for Arabic books. AAI has different levels of indexing and has an HTML version for the Internet.

Please contact George N. Hallak
for more info about Sakhr Enterprise Solutions pricing models.

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